Every Saturday at the lumbermill in Freymarch, you can enter the lumberjack contest for 10C. If you win, you get the money that the other contestents entered with, minus 10% (to go to the lumbermill owner).

Stage 1Edit

This task is simple. Chop as much wood as you can on the chopping blocks in 2 minutes. Fast swings of the axe are quick, but may not cut through all of the wood while heavy swing take longer but almost always cut the wood in half in 1 shot.

The 5 contestents with the most wood go to stage 2

Stage 2Edit

Each contestent gets a tree. The first 2 contestents to cut there tree down advance to the final round.

Stage 3Edit

The first contestent to chop 100 pieces of wood wins.


1st Win Ever: Keep 100% of the prize money, even the lumberjack share + 100C + Sapphire

1st place: 90% of prize money, 25% chance of getting random book, 10% of getting gemstone