Griffindale is the capital city of Naria. It is home to many creatures. Located in the center of Griffindale is a giant stone statue of all 10 Gods. Also, the Realmgate here is the biggest in all of Tunra, as it includes a large shopping district and a huge inn.


When King Griffindale founded this city in 2E 336, there were only 18 other villagers with him. Some farmed, some built, and some hunted. After a few years, it became a town of about 50. When the king died of a heart attack a few years later, more people came bringing the total to a little under 10000000. By the third era, almost 500 people live in Griffindale.

Places Of InterestEdit

Griffindale Arena

Griffindale Museum

Griffindale God Statue

House Of Heroes

Boilbrew Meadery

Griffindale Observatory

Haunted House

Griffindale Underground Sanctuary




Griffindale Warrior College

Griffindale College

Griffindale School