The Great Tunnel Of Tunra is a giant underground tunnel that connects Skarei to Lorcrest. It is very secret and is used by wanted criminals to get to the other side of the country as it is quicker and safer than above ground. Criminals have made Skarei side of the tunnel a small village which they name "Genius Tunnel".




Giant Rat


Giant Spider


Giant Tunnel Worm

Through The TunnelEdit

As soon as you enter the tunnel you begin a quest called "Through The Tunnel". It takes a while to complete but by the time you go all the way through the Tunnel you would have completed most of it, or even all of it.


  • Kill 20 Rats
  • Kill 20 Spiders
  • Kill 20 Worms
  • Kill 10 Moles
  • Kill 10 Giant Rats
  • Kill 10 Giant Spiders

When All Objectives Are Met the giant tunnel worm appears and drags you down into it's lair. Defeat it to gain huge rewards.


The best way to kill the worm is to cast fire spells on it, or hit it with a sharp blade. The sharper or hotter your weapon, the more effective it will be. When the worm gets to 80% health, it will release about 100 flesh worms to attack you. Use fire to kill them all quickly. At 50% health, the worm will split in half, into 2 giant tunnel worms. it will take about 20 seconds for the 2 halves to mould into full worms, so attack the flesh-spots. that will deal MASSIVE damage. Keep using sharpness or fire to take it down. Collect about 15000C in treasure then climb up the ladder to resume the tunnel path.