Freymarch Hunting School is located in Freymarch. At Freymarch Hunting School, you can learn to become a hunter. Skills learned are Archery, Sneak and Speed.

Joining The SchoolEdit

To Join Freymarch Hunting School, Just apply at the entrance office. For every level you are at your Archery, Sneak and Speed skill put together, you get a 10% chance of getting in.


After you get accepted, you can pay a fee of 1000C to begin initiation. You can take the schools horse with you to help carry back the animals.

You must hunt down 5-20 rabbits, 5-10 deer and 5 of any other wild animal of your choice.

After coming back with the hides, give them to your teacher to finish initiation.


Class 1Edit

Monday 9:00AM

The teacher will talk about the dangers of hunting.

Homework: Bring back 1 hide of any dangerous animal (10%)

Class 2Edit

Wednesday 9:00AM

The teacher will talk about different types of weapons to hunt with

Homework: Forge your own dagger (10%)