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  • edit Griffindale
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    Summary: Shopping:
  • new page Tunra
    created by AquapaladinJ
    New page: Add a photoThe land of Tunra is located in the northen hemisphere and east of
  • edit Griffindale
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  • new page Great Tunnel Of Tunra
    created by AquapaladinJ
    New page: The Great Tunnel Of Tunra is a giant underground tunnel that connects Skarei to Lorcrest. It is very secret and is used by wanted criminals to get to...
  • new page Firefly Club
    created by AquapaladinJ
    New page: The Firefly Club is a secret nature club located in the hollow tree in Freymarch. The club has fun doing activities together like hunting, fishing,...
  • new page Lumber Contest
    created by AquapaladinJ
    New page: Every Saturday at the lumbermill in Freymarch, you can enter the lumberjack contest for 10C. If you win, you get the money that the other contestents...
  • new page Freymarch Hunting School
    created by AquapaladinJ
    New page: Freymarch Hunting School is located in Freymarch. At Freymarch Hunting School, you can learn to become a hunter. Skills learned are Archery, Sneak...
  • new page Freymarch
    created by AquapaladinJ
    New page: Add a photo Freymarch is a town located in Lorcrest, the giant forest region. It is also the capital of Lorcrest. This town is the only town in all...
  • edit Fallen Hero Wiki
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    Edited the section: Navigation

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  • new page Death
    created by AquapaladinJ
    New page: When the player dies, he goes through the following phase depending on the characters religion. ChimeristEdit The player is sent to the Gods if he...

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