Dragons are giant winged creatures that roam tunra. They are very rarely seen but are very hostile. Although they are more common in Skarei, they can be found just about anywere. Travelers shouldn't worry about encountering a dragon since they are so rare, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be prepared. There are many types of dragon to see.

Fire DragonEdit

These are the most common of all dragons. They appear in about 55% of all dragon encounters. They can breath fire and spit fireballs as well as having a nasty bite.

(Your Level +0-1)

Frost DragonEdit

Frost dragons are the second most common type of dragon, appearing in around 25% of dragon encounters. Frost dragons breath dry ice instead of fire and can spit deadly ice shards at enemies. Frost dragons move slower than any other dragon.

(Your Level +0-3)

Tornado DragonEdit

Tornado dragons appear in about 10% of encounters with dragons. They do not breath fire or ice, instead they deafen victims with an earth shattering roar, causing the ground to shake. They are almost 4 times as fast as fire dragons. A tornado dragons most powerful attack is the abily for them to generate powerful tornadoes.

(Your level +0-5)