When the player dies, he goes through the following phase depending on the characters religion.


The player is sent to the Gods if he was good or the Demons if he was bad.

GODS: You are greeted by all 10 Gods. They ask if you would like a second chance or if you would like to stay for eternity with them in the clouds. By choosing second chance, you are gone back in time 1 hour before your death or 1 hour before you were caught/ sentenced to be executed. In the clouds, you live a perfect eternity and can come down to Tunra as an angel to do missions. Angels have infinite health and magic but they have a 1 week time limit. After there time is up they will have to charge for 72 hours before they can go down to earth again. If ou want to be alive again you can go to the gods and ask them to send you back, but you will be sent back 1 hours before your death/ execution so any missions completed as an angel will be like it never happened. There is a 5% chance that you will wake up in your grave (if body was found) or death location in the present time.

DEMONS: You will live with the demons for 1 week before they flip the coin of fate, which decides if you are aloud to be ressurrected. There is a 90% chance that the coin will land on "NO". If it is no, you ave to live another week before the coin is flipped again. With the demons in the pit, you have to do gross and scary tasks from the demons. Failure to complete these tasks will send you to the torchure chamber. You can escape from the pit if you make your way to the portal wich will give you a 50/50 chance of sending you to the clouds and to the torture chamber. If you are strong you can break free from the torture chamber chains or the chains you sleep in at night.


Upon death, you will be reincarnated into another animal.

GOOD LIFE: You will come back as either a dragon, giant, mammoth, bird or bear

BAD LIFE: You will come back a either a troll being attacked by hunter, skeleton being attack by adventurer, fish being caught by fisherman, bee with 1 attack that will cause you to die after it or tree getting cut down by lumberjack.

Death as any of these animals will wake your player character up in his death location or grave if the body was found.