After creating your character, you start the mission. This is the very first mission in the game.

Be Interrogated By The GuardsEdit

You wake up in a jail cell. You are in rags and feel hungry. 2 guards enter the jail cell. You have the option of trying to escape the cell before the guards close the door, or you can behave. If you try to run out, the guards will catch you and throw you to the ground. If you behave, the guards give you some bread, making you not so hungry. After you eat the bread, the guards ask you what you did wrong. some options appear letting you choose your crime that got you caught. You can pick the following:

  • They have the wrong person. I am innocent (Level Up Speech Skill)
  • I Murdered someone (Kills 1 random NPC from your hometown)
  • I stole a diamond the size of my fist (Adds a Giant Diamond to the evidence box)
  • Public Nudity (10% of your hometowns people will laugh at you)
  • Caught trying to cross the border withought paying (Crossing the border now costs 10% more Crowns)

Next, the guards will ask you questions by playing good cop-bad cop. if you are found innocent, you are released from prison and the mission is complete. if you are found guilty, you are sentenced to 1 month jail time.

Escape With The PrisonerEdit

NOTE: Getting caught puts you back in your cell with 500-1000C more bounty and 7 days more jail time. After 3 failed attempts to escape, you will be sent to be executed.

At around 8:00-10:00PM, you are confronted by a prisoner who has the key to your cell. He asks you if you want to escape with him. If you say no, every night at 8:00-10:00PM there will be a 40% chance of this happening again. If you say yes you can escape. He unlocks your door and he guides the way outside for you.

Follow him past all the cells and crawl past the guard sitting at the desk. Go up the stairs and there will be 2 paths going left and right. The prisoner asks you what path to take:

LEFT PATH (Easy, but less valuables)

You say to take the left path, so you do. Sneak into the room that has 1 guard and a chest with minor treasure and the prisoner will say for you to find a way to sneak past the guard. Options will appear:

Blow out the torches

Sneak attack the guard

Throw a pebble down the hallway

After dealing with the guard, continue down the hallway and escape outside Highlake with a 1000C Bounty.

RIGHT PATH (Harder, but more valuables)

You turn right. Continue down the hallway until you get to a room with 2 guards. the room has about 200 gold inside. The prisoner says to both sneak attack the guards at the same time, on your command. after that, sneak through the hall into the guard barracks, filled with about 6 guards. Sneak past all of them to escape outside with a 1000C Bounty.